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Say, “Yes it could be possible,” before you say,

“No I don’t think it will work.”

Engineer turned serial entrepreneur!

While in her early thirties, Suzanne started her first energy company – and she has never looked back. She has seen tremendous success through developing five oil and gas companies; Touchstone Petroleum, Chariot Energy, Auriga Energy, Black Shire Energy, and her latest passion – Imaginea Energy.

Suzanne’s philosophy and leadership triumphs culminated in the sale of her last company, Black Shire Energy which, sold for $358 million in 2014.

Known to be bold, and to some…a little ‘crazy’ (the good kind), Suzanne’s credentials and reputation back her success. She faces the world head-on and certainly isn’t one to fear a mega-challenge!

The inspiration for Imaginea Energy, her present company and arguably her greatest venture, unfolds through her many interviews, speaking engagements and TV appearances.

In Editorial

Suzanne’s creative ideas, perspectives and opinions are captured through her weekly blogging on the Huffington Post, and through Imaginea’s own publishing platform. Rumour has it that she has a book or two in the works as well that captures her story and explains her approach to business. Stay tuned!

On Stage

If you haven’t heard Suzanne speak publicly you haven’t experienced the essence of a truly raw and authentic leader freely expressing a vision that is in her heart.

Suzanne is known for captivating audiences on stage with her compelling and inspiring stories.  Her voice has the sheer power to motivate others to take meaningful and necessary business risks, and to believe in unimaginable possibilities again. She brings back the starry eyes and bushy tails in all of us!

At Work

At the heart of Suzanne’s story is the need for humans to change how they interact with the planet, and each other. Appreciating that actions speak louder than words, she founded Imaginea Energy as a means to put boots to the ground and actually implement, herself, the changes she talks about and inspires in others. Suzanne West intends to be the example, proving to the energy industry that there is a “new way of doing business”.

Suzanne West’s journey of awakening and discovery is inspiring, but it has only just begun. Through Imaginea Energy her story continues to unfold!

Say, “Yes it could be possible,” before you say,

“No I don’t think it will work.”

Suzanne Session

Alberta has set a new vision, which challenges all Albertans to look for new ways to diversify our economy, transform the oil and gas sector and innovate all industry. How do we rise to this challenge?  Meet southern Albertan Suzanne West, recognized as one of Alberta’s most progressive visionaries and fearless business leaders.  Suzanne, Founder and CEO of Imaginea Energy, had a dream and was inspired by working with Sir Richard Branson to create the oil company of the 21st century.  Suzanne will share how she is transforming the oil industry and how her philosophy of empowering talented people is foundational to achieving planet, people, profit. 

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